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Spiritual science is an organization, which makes people understand about miracles of spirituality with the help of magical scientific knowledge.
“Spiritual science includes the study of the visible and invisible world like physics, quantum physics, psychology, biology, chemistry, waves, vibrations, rays, management, planning & Development, Expansion strategy with a corporate professional attitude.

Understand Spiritual Science

Spiritual Science

As per Sanskrit (संस्कृत) language, Spiritual science is adhyatmic Vigyan आध्यात्मिक विज्ञान

Adhyatmic Vigyan = Adhya + Atma + Vigyan

  • First & perfect, 
  • powerful beginner or 
  • creator
  • Spirit means immortal and invisible energy, which keeps matter alive in the physical world.

Definition of ” Spiritual Science ” as per our ” Experts ”