Divine child is prior to planning for a child (12-24 months prior)
Mission Super Human is a requirement for the future.
After 20 to 30 yrs, the Robotic era would have begun and Artificial Intelligence will be the sole element, robots will be ruling humankind.
Elon Musk has created Neuralink company for AI, though the technology is initially aimed at helping those with brain disorders, Musk has said a brain-machine interface is needed in the future to mitigate the “existential threat of AI”.

  • It is a very special course for Doctors and PhD holders.
  • After completing this course you will be able to understand the Need and how to create a Superhuman.
  • 3-month online theory and practical program.The deepest form of specialization
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Consultant trainer: This the highest level of spiritual science’s consultant training position, where you can give training to students, who want to become spiritual consultant.
The courses covered are
• Food consultant
• Business consultant
• Parent Consultant
• Career consultant
• Relationship consultant
• Vastu consultant
• Chakra consultant
A personal website will be developed for you. You will be also taught digital marketing, promotion in Facebook pages and for your channel in Youtube.