Words from – Sonal Gajera Kotadia
Hello Friends,
As a Normal career-oriented woman, I was trying to get a job and develop my career and handle my family. Without any big dreams and mission in my life, I was trying to enjoy my life with what I got as my luck.

One day, I was introduced to Dr.Spurthi on a call and her Guru. That was the day in my life, where everything started changing unexpectedly. He told me that Sonal Ji, you have one purpose of life, to spread spiritual science knowledge to the world.

He started giving unheard, unwritten and amazing knowledge to me. His knowledge was mesmerizing me, they were like the magical things and I became his second student. He told me, that before leaving this earth he wants to spread his knowledge to everyone, but on one great condition and that condition is people will not able to find who is giving this knowledge.

In short, he doesn’t want to be famous as a person, but he wants his knowledge to be utilized for the betterment of the world.
He always said if knowledgeable people will become famous rather than their knowledge then another religion or tradition will be founded ,hence dividing humanity into groups and that is harmful to the world. Knowledge is not anyone’s property, it’s there in the Universe. If you are pure by heart, you will be selected to spread that knowledge.

After understanding some concepts I realized that every man & mostly woman must understand and utilize his/her knowledge for the betterment of their family and generation’s prosperity.
I started this website to invite people around the world to understand and utilize this amazing knowledge. I want that maximum people should take his training and counselling online or personal as per the convenience of your geographical location, financial conditions, and availability of time.

We together can complete this mission, so Join me!
Support this Spiritual Science Mission!
Start one branch in your Country, District, City, and Village
Guruji will Guide you. Thank you Dr.Spurthi ji for making this a reality.
Become Spiritual Counsellor, Teacher or Master and allow this world to exist with humanity.

Sonal Gajera Kotadia, Vadodara, Gujarat

Words from Binita ji
My journey with Spiritual Science begun during lock-down .I was very keen to do something in my life which basically would make me happy ,peaceful , joyful, successful and also financially independent. As there were no option to go outside but only one option to get inside the journey within you.

Here the magic begun, unknowingly I actually created matrix. I happen to visit website Spiritual Science, where I came to know Spiritual Science is a very different type of knowledge .Basically it applies scientific methods to spirituality. It produces predictable repeatable results without the need for belief or worship. It applies the truth of psychology ,quantum physics explained in a very easy and simple way. As it is applied to every one ,there is no caste or religion barrier.

My first talk was with Abira Mam(counsellor from Kolkata),who told me about Spiritual Science and its benefits and how it can help to solve our problems. Then she arranged a meeting, made me talk to my Gurujee(my mentor)who explained spiritual science so easily.

The best part of my Gurujee is he don’t want his name to be famous as he don’t shares his identity but instead want his knowledge to be spread through teachers and experts guided by him. That is really an amazing thing about him.
Gurujee’s knowledge cannot be described in words .The work he is doing is just amazing .He is actually making our future bright with theawesome use of Spiritual Science. No doubt he is a wonderful gift to me from the Universe .He actually helped me find out my passion and guided be the best way. As a result ,I got my peace of mind and financial independence .Thank-you to the team of Spiritual Science from bottom of my heart.