Spiritual Guidance for “Food” decides “Future”

Food and your eating habits decide your luck-future-success – focus on it!

Guruji always tells that family’s happiness and growth depends on the person who is cooking for them. Normally 95% of housewives are cooking for their family. Spiritual science will guide housewives.  How to cook scientifically and spiritually for the bright future of family members? This is most important because food converted into body cells and body cells produce energy.  A certified training program should be important for housewives and within 21 days you will able to understand the magic.

Guruji says that in hotels and restaurants, cooks and chefs should be certified from spiritual science. While cooking food, the vibrations from the cook’s body through his hands get mixed in the food, those invisible vibrations if positive, then whomsoever is eating that food will be benefited, and if the vibrations are negative with all the tensions then that would cause losses for the person who is eating that food. Every cook, the chef must learn to cook spiritually and scientifically.

Food decides your future is a very important concept of learning.

  • what to eat?
  • when to eat?
  • what to cook?
  • how to select the perfect cook for a home?
  • how to select a perfect cook for hotels and restaurants?
  • vegetarian or non-vegetarian, what is best for me?
  • how to lose extra body weight?
  • what would be the best diet for me?
  • what to cook for children?
  • how to eat right for the future bright?

you will be able to understand the importance of food and cooking for a bright future, success, and luck in life. 

Spiritual Guidance for Business

Business growth with spiritual science’s magical power

Spiritually and scientifically you will be able to understand 

  • What is best for me? Business or job?
  • What is my passion?
  • How to convert my passion into my profession?
  • Which business idea is best for me?
  • How i make a profitable business?
  • You will be able to get all answers from this special course on how to start a business?

You will learn,

How to utilize spiritual powers for starting a business and growth of the business?

Miracles always happen, with the power of spiritual science  Guruji will guide you 

  • How to understand current business strengths?
  • How to do a market SWOT analysis?
  • How to understand the opportunity?
  • How to prepare a paper plan for double profit mission
  • Why double profit is required for business growth?

You will learn,

How to utilize spiritual powers to double the profit in a short period of time?

Everything is possible in this life. Whatever problems you are facing in your current business it is because of you and the solution is also you

  • How to understand the problems of business?
  • How to understand the root cause of problems?
  • How to solve problems priority wise?
  • How to convert problems into opportunities?
  • How to maintain a profitable business?
  • You will learn,
  • How to utilized spiritual powers to convert problems into opportunities?

It’s very easy with spiritual science.

Spiritual Guidance for Parents & Students

Spiritual science power will do miracle, if you want to become best parent and best student in educational career

Spiritual science will guide parents whose child age is as per following category:

  1. Before 6 to 12 months planning for the child
  2. Pregnancy – 9 Months 
  3. 0 to 3 yrs.
  4. 4 yrs to 12 yrs.
  5. 13 yrs to 19 yrs.
  6. 20 yrs to 25 yrs.
  7. 25 yrs to 30 yrs.

Parents love and care their children than anyone else, without any expectation.

How spiritually parents can create positive magic in their children’s life?

Parents should learn the techniques to utilize spiritual powers for their child’s bright future and happiness